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At the beginning of the tour, he met us with yummy infused cupcakes outstanding. He shared with us the history of The East Village, very interesting. We went to several amazing speakeasy locations, super fun. I would definitely recommend. I live in NYC and took this tour while my mom was visiting from out of state. All three of the locations I had never been to, and I learned so much about the history of speakeasies and cocktails in New York.

Haunted Manhattan - Where Horror & History Meet

I would definitely recommend if you're looking for something unique to do while in the city! It was fun, informative and I learnt a lot more about history and life in New York even with my frequent visits to the city.

⁴ᴷ Walking Tour of East Village, Manhattan, NYC at Night (Vibrant Nightlife)

After this wonderful experience I will certainly try all the tours they are offering. Apart from having a very enjoyable tour, our very knowledgeable guide Brian Hoffman gave us many tips about New York and other cities we planned to visit in the States. Also the company Urban Adventures are established in some other European cities.

Im definitely going to check them out. My wife and I joined a group of 1 and another of 4. We met our guide Jillian at the entrance to the park and we proceeded traipse about the East Village, listening to a history lesson while we stopped at three speakeasy locations along the way. This was a really fun time and I would recommend this tour and tour company to help show you around and have a good time. It was just the two of us and our guide. Our guide Jessie was terrific. We learned a lot about the history of NYC speakeasies as well as had some great cocktails and snacks.

He was very knowledgable it was fun and educational for all. We learned a lot about speakeasies and gangsters, saw some interesting places and tasted some tasty drinks. Would definitely recommend and I would do this one again! At this point I would warn people who book through Viator to be careful if they change the date. Poor josh waited for us on a very cold Thursday night and when we were a no show was unable to contact us as Viator dont release our details to tour operators.

This meant when we turned up on the very cold Monday night there was no tour for us and the number we were given went to voice mail.

East Village

Once we were home with an email address the problem was rectified and we had the tour the next night but this meant we missed other potential things to do on our last night in NYC. Fortunately I had kept all correspondence from Viator so there wasnt a problem proving I had changed the date but very inconvenient for Josh and us! I recommend finding a more interesting venue.

Marks Place, you will notice that the street lampposts are decorated with bits of broken china, broken tile, mirror shards, and any other colorful and free found objects that Mosaic Man can get his hands on. These posts make up the Mosaic Trail. Since the late s, Jim Power, a Vietnam War veteran nicknamed Mosaic Man by The Village Voice newspaper , has been creating these whimsical mosaics without any financial support other than donations of items to decorate the poles.

Many of them commemorate important events in New York history, or people from the neighborhood. Two years ago, our guests on our East Village Food tour, had the distinct honor of speaking with Jim, about his mosaics and even got a group photo with him in front of his amazing Mosaic Wall. He gives his heart and hard work to beautify this part of the city.

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Originally there were nine Greek Revival mansions known as Colonnade Row. Founded by Joseph Papp in to showcase performances stemming from his Shakespeare Workshop, The Public now stages a wide variety of top-notch performances by cutting edge playwrights. This Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper was launched in by American author Norman Mailer and 3 other journalists.

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  • It has always been known for its groundbreaking investigative journalism and exposes as well as in depth local reporting. Once sold for a dollar, the paper is now free and can be found in newspaper boxes around the city. They also have a great website with listings of local activities, restaurants, bars, theater and gallery listings and more.

    See and taste New York like a New Yorker!

    This is the only 19th century family home preserved in its entirety, inside and out, in New York City. Built in , this elegant red-brick and white-marble row house was lived in by the same family for almost years. Visiting the museum gives you a glimpse of domestic life in the city in the 19th century. For information on visiting the museum click here. This is the birthplace of punk rock and it all started with The Ramones, a group of long-haired, leather-clad guys from Forest Hills, Queens.

    By the s the surrounding neighborhood, particularly the Bowery, had become heavily gentrified with new luxury boutique hotels and restaurants. It was forced to close in The site is now a John Varvatos menswear boutique. Knowing that the site would be a shrine to CBGBs, the store covered its walls with original memorabilia, posters and albums of the bands that performed at the club. Step inside the shop, they are very welcoming of people who want to say they stood on sacred ground.

    This was the childhood home of these brothers, two of the great song composers of all time. Their individual and collaborative pieces include the overtures Rhapsody in Blue , Strike up the Band , and musical Porgy and Bess. The congregation was founded in , and is one of the oldest continuous Protestant congregations in North America. The church was built in and known for their Tiffany stained-glass windows. This is the largest museum in the U.

    Bowery and 2nd Ave. This is one of the oldest ale houses in New York, opened in , and has served up its home-brewed ale to notables Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, and Theodore Roosevelt. Whether or not you order a pint of beer, step inside to see the hundreds of photos and memorabilia on the wall.


    For hours and their catalog, see their website. The building is most famous for the prominent individuals who have spoken there. More recently, President Barack Obama spoke there in The university has a visitors page. Marks Place bet. This building is one of a handful of reminders that the area was once primarily German-speaking. Ottendorfer wanted to help German immigrants assimilate into American society with access to reading materials. TIP: If you are planning on purchasing a CitySights hop-on, hop-off bus ticket, there is a stop just outside Theater After Prohibition was repealed in , a jazz club called The Gallery opened and Thelonious Monk performed there.

    Then the space became a theater, followed by a cinema revival house and is now again a small theater staging plays and musicals. Also housed in the building is the small but very interesting Museum of the American Gangster. Click here for performance schedules. The East Village is known for its community gardening movement that began in the s, when the neighborhood was undesirable to live in.

    Celebrating Jane Jacobs and New York City

    Empty lots between buildings went unattended by owners who were losing money. Residents of the area illegally turned the lots into gardens in an effort to beautify their surroundings.

    go to link After years of legal battles with land-owners who abandoned their lots, 39 community gardens exist legally around the East Village and are maintained by volunteers from the neighborhood. B and C. The heart of the East Village, this park is named for Daniel D.

    Tompkins, once Governor of New York This piece of land was part of the massive Stuyvesant estate during the 17th century. By the 19th century, Tompkins had purchased the land and it was marked for development as a public square. The Square was the site of two serious New York City protests, in and again in , over the bad economy and lack of jobs. In , the square was landscaped into a park that was enjoyed by the primarily German residents of KleinDeutschland. By the s the East Village had become a dangerous neighborhood and the park was a safe haven for the homeless who would sleep in the park in a small make-shift community.