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The aircraft utilized retractable landing gear and presented a very sleek design. As expected, initial test results showed a lot of promise. Breda Ba. Notice the single tail. But unbeknownst to the Regia Aeronautica, the prototype had been designed for speed with no consideration of how the aircraft will handle after meeting military specifications. The military version of the Ba. After several poor showings on the battlefield, the Regia Aeronautica ultimately decided to utilize the remaining Breda Ba.

Breda halted production after completing Linces. XI RC. The Lince reached a service ceiling of 26, feet and a range of 1, miles. Armament consisted of three fixed forward firing Depending on the configuration, the bomb load capacity of the Ba.

Three days later, 9 more Ba. Analysis of these attacks showed the limited value of the Breda Ba. Its uselessness became apparent when Ba. Fitted with sand filters, the engines overheated and the performance deemed unacceptable. A September attack on Sidi Barani was canceled when the Ba. By mid-November , most surviving Ba.

Breda 88 (P.XI)

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Breda Ba. Thread starter tomo pauk Start date Apr 9, Apr 9, Plane that is almost an epitome of an unsuccessful design. Why was that? Elmas Staff Sergeant.


Briefly, it was by far too heavy and underpowered. The specifications issued by the Genio Aeronautico required a design strenght of 12 G, well over the strenght of the Pilot inside Last edited: Apr 9, Vick Major. Looks cool though!

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GregP 1st Lieutenant. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have never thought it looked good, but have wondered why it was so bad. Designing a bomber to 12 g makes no sense unless it is going to be a dive bomber.

Thanks for the feedback, people. The three factors combined should indeed make a mess from operational use of the airplane.

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Al least it was better than the PZL Zubr, widely regarded as the worst "modern" aircrft design ever In those days the stressed skin construction was at the outset, and the Air Forces, in the world over, tend to be very conservative and rather careful about the Pilots necks. Briefly, it was not completely clear why a stressed skin construction was so strong So the Breda 88 had a main structure made of steel tubes, like the structure needed for a canvas covered airplane, PLUS a stressed skin covering, like that of a monocoque structure: of course by far exceeding the strenght needed and then adding quite unnecessary weight.

Shortround6 Colonel. We have to be careful when looking at how many "G"s a plane was stressed for as there is service stress and ultimate stress. How a manufacturer figured in airframe fatigue I don't know.

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It might still have a 12 "G" ultimate load factor but be built heavier to handle the fatigue of day in, day out high "G" pull outs. It worked fine during initial trials, even setting speed records, but adding military equipment made it too heavy. So it was good if it was flying in a straight line with equipment removed, but real operations are entirely different.


They ended up using the airframes as ground target decoys. Seriously, given its looks it should have been feted as the Italian Mosquito. Instead its fetid performance did you see how I did that?

Ba.88 Lince - Безумный итальянский гений - War thunder

What a wit!! Molre dangerous to its own crew than the enemy? Breda B.

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The Christmas Bullet comes to mind If it had say a hp or more engine it would've been better From what pics of seen, it was fairly elegant in its lines, but that pit framing, made the 's look light and airey like bubbletop. But apart from its difficulty in taking off in the hotter weathered days in the Med, it was supposedly an fairly accurate bombing platform whence it got up, through to its target, and wiht that structural weight, a stable diver with possible dartlike fondness for the ground in lesser trained pilots hands.

Last edited: Apr 17, GregP said:. Apr 10, If we want athread on dangerous airplanes, we can start one. I will The Botha is special Apr 25, The Ba88 was a victim of its own propaganda, and a classic case of "you can fool some of the people some of the time"