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Tsaban and T. Vaughan, Small uncountable cardinals and Topology , in: Problems in Topology eds. Skip to Content. Topology at Monash.

Seminar on Combinatorial Topology

What is topology? Topology is the mathematical study of shape and space.

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Academics in the topology group The following academic staff are members of the Topology group at Monash. Prof Jessica Purcell Jessica Purcell's research is in 3-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry, and knot theory, and problems that overlap all three areas. Dr Daniel Mathews Daniel Mathews likes to study geometry, topology and mathematical physics, including such topics as: knot theory, contact and symplectic topology, hyperbolic geometry, Floer homology, topological quantum field theory.

Norm Do Norm Do investigates mathematical problems at the interface of geometry, topology and combinatorics.

see Dr Jonathan Bowden Jonathan Bowden is interested in the topology of manifolds, particularly in dimensions three and four. Dr Andy Hammerlindl Andy Hammerlindl works on dynamical systems and ergodic theory, including dynamics on 3-manifolds. Dr Joshua Howie Joshua Howie studies knots in 3-manifolds and the surfaces embedded around them. Dr Brett Parker Brett Parker works at the interface of algebraic and differential geometry, topology, and mathematical physics. Monash topology seminar: Seminars run most weeks. Click to view the seminar calendar.

Workshop and Conference: Classical and quantum 3-manifold topology 14 - 21 December at Monash University.

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